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Posted 1 year ago

Models with and without makeup

Some are still beautiful, some…not so much…

Posted 2 years ago

These 2 are experts at transformative makeup!

Posted 2 years ago

Magnetic Nail Polish

I’m obsessed with nail polish (Essie specifically).  Even though these aren’t Essie polishes I really love the cool effect from the iron particles that move to form a pattern in the nail polish when the magnet is applied before drying.  See for yourself!

Posted 2 years ago

Once again, the magic of makeup

Here’s a video that’s gone viral recently that depicts a teen model on youtube chronicling her morning makeup routine where she covers her incredibly acne scarred skin with makeup.  She starts off in the “after” mode with full make up but quickly removes it to show you step by step how she gets to the final product.  If people could learn her methods everyone would have perfectly made up skin all the time! (not that i’m saying we all need makeup all the time…that would be a huge pain!) 

Posted 2 years ago


Dermablend, a makeup company, recently did a very cool viral marketing video.  They recorded the male model known as Zombie Boy over several hours.  The interesting take on the video is that Zombie Boy is famous for his full body and face tattoos.  Over several years he has transformed his body with tattoos to resemble a corpse/skeleton.  To show Dermablend’s effectiveness, the company recorded his transformation from tattooed model to “regular” looking non-tattooed man.  Makeup artists spent several hours covering his entire body with Dermablend makeup so that his skin looks untouched by a tattoo gun. This stuff seems pretty intense!  Apparently the coverup is used often in movies so it’s probably some really thick product.  Keep in mind, the tattoo photo is the BEFORE (no makeup) and the AFTER photo is him looking “normal” 

Posted 2 years ago

Makeup is Amazing

Makeup is amazing, but even more amazing is makeup in the right hands.  It really can transform people.  My morning makeup takes 10 minutes, I wonder how long it takes to do these people?